Current S.A.L.T. Foundation Programs

Godwashers BootCamp Retreat

3 Day Bootcamp Experience and S.A.L.T. Follow-up Training

GodWasher's Boot Camp: "Extreme Makeovers for the Soul"

The flagship program of the Servant and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) Foundation is the GodWasher's Boot Camp. The GodWasher's Boot Camp is an immersive and intense, life-transforming 3-day event which brings participant's minds, bodies and spirits into alignment with Kingdom principles and practices. Phase 2 is a series of 12 webinar-based follow-up lessons (courses) designed to reinforce the 3-day boot camp experience. For more information, please go to:

SALT Servant Leader Certification Course

S.A.L.T. Servant-Leader Training & Certification

The long term mission of the S.A.L.T. Foundation is to provide formal training and financial support for individuals who have acknowledged the call to serve as ambassador's of God's Kingdom on earth full-time. This does not necessarily mean they must formally serve as a full-time ministry related vocation, but that they wish to apply kingdom-principles to every area of their life, all the time - not just on Sunday mornings. S.A.L.T. Servant-Leader Training & Certification is a pre-requesite for individuals who wish to receive financial assistance from the S.A.L.T Foundation to purse kingdom-building projects and programs that synergize with the S.A.L.T. Foundation Mission.

God's Seven Progressive Revelationsh E-Book

Multi-Dimensional Christian Living Home & Bible Study Course

The Multi-Dimensional Christian Living Home Study & Bible Course was created to give everyone an opportunity to experience the benefits of becoming a servant-leader. The Multi-Dimensional Christian Living course provides self-paced access to the same materials used in the S.A.L.T. Certification, but is designed to enable everyone - not just those called into formal Christian Ministry.

The Servant Leader Certification (above) is a more formal process requiring a committment of time and resources for individuals who have a calling on their life for Christian Ministry and service.

Pending S.A.L.T. Foundation Programs
Faith-Based Social & Economic Projects and Programs - Coming Soon!

The S.A.L.T. Foundation is currrently engaged in a long term fundraising effort to secure a substantial endowment for it's capital-intensive programs and projects. The following list represents the projects and programs that have been scoped, planned and authorized by the S.A.L.T. Foundation Board of Directors and scheduled for implementation in FY 2011.

SALT City Center Network

Cultivating the Balanced Integration of Social Entrepreneurs and Non Profit Organizations for Increased Community Engagement

SALT City Center Network: Faith-Based Social & Economic Development

The Flagship Project of the SALT Foundation is the development and deployment of a network of mixed-used incubator facilities in which non-profit organizations, and socially-responsible startup businesses can develop and grow. It is our Strategic Objective to develop, deploy and maintain a network of high-tech, high-touch, mixed-use incubator sites (“City Centers”) nationwide which facilitate the development of socially-conscious for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations and resources to empower economic development, social innovation and increased community engagement.

Foreign Missions

Foreign Missions & Humanitarian Aid

In the spirit of classical charitable giving, the S.A.L.T. Foundation, shall provide financial resources, in-kind services and project management support for Christian Missionary and Humanitarian Aid projects to targeted communities in Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and other international locations.

Shelters & Transitional Living Facilities

Shelters and Transitional Living Facilities

The S.A.L.T. Foundation shall provide Training, Financial Resources, In-kind services, Project Management and Counseling to organizations and individuals supporting homeless shelters, shelters for battered women and children and transitional living facilities for people in various forms of crisis and recovery.

Now soliciting proposals from individuals and organizations involved in Faith-Based startup-initiatives as well as ongoing projects/programs/facilities.

National Technical Association

Project S.T.A.R. Program

(Community-Based Technology & Resource Centers)

Community Technical Learning Program (Within SALT City Centers)

In partnership with the National Technical Association (NTA), the S.A.L.T. Foundation plans to implement Technical Learning Centers in economically depressed urban and suburban communities in targeted U.S. cities. The NTA Project S.T.A.R. (Science and Technical Application Resources) provides people in low income communities with access to facilities, productivity improving technology, tutorial programs and more. NTA implemented 4 successful pilot programs in Brevard County Florida and the S.A.L.T Foundation will be replicating and expanding these programs nationwide.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

The S.A.L.T. Foundation has plans to sponsor innovative projects leading to the construction or acquisition of homes for families who cannot afford or qualify for traditional housing or lending programs within the continental U.S. and select countries abroad. The S.A.L.T. Foundation is currently seeking funding sources and strategic partners to assist in this effort.

Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Rent and Mortgage Payment Assistance

The S.A.L.T. foundation is spearheading innovative mortgage assistance and monthly payment grants for beneficiaries who participate in the S.A.L.T. Certification Program and are deployed in Missionary and Humanitarian projects away from home. The S.A.L.T. Foundation is also exploring solutions to the mortgage foreclosure crisis and is investigating programs which provide short and medium-term mortgage payment forgiveness and lump-sum loan reinstatements for qualified applicants.

Cash Grants

Cash Grants and Micro-Loans

The Cash Grants Program is a catch-all for unique or specialized requests for assistance not specifically covered in any of the S.A.L.T. Foundation's target areas. We welcome unsolicited proposals from individuals and organizations who have a compelling vision and plan for doing something special in God's Kingdom, but lack the financial resources or management infrastructure to bring it to life. The S.A.L.T. Foundation also supports the cause of social entrepreneurship and regional economic development by offering low interest loans to small business owners and startups in the U.S. and abroad.

Educational Scholarships and Grants

Educational Scholarships & Grants

Educational Scholarships shall be available for adult candidates (post-high school level and above) who have demonstrated a commitment to servant-leadership and completed the SALT Certification Program. Scholarships can be applied to any discipline that can be demonstrated to meet the Foundation objective of Establishing God's Kingdom on earth. This of course includes, but is not limited to Christian vocational training and education. Candidates can also apply for assistance with engineering, law, medicine, science, mathematics, and other courses of study at community college level through post doctoral.

Education Grants and Scholarships shall also be available for children and Christian schools with K-12 programs. Youth applicants 17 years old and younger are not required to have SALT Certification.

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