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The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

By far, the most important Resource we can recommend is the Holy Bible! Old and New Testament scripture are replete with God's Word and God's Words. It is the standard by which Truth is revealed, Ideals are recognized and Morality is Judged. It is required reading for anyone considering Servant-Leadership in God's Kingdom and is our source of God's revealed wisdom, power and love. It is an ancient compilation of God's thoughts culminating in the revelation of Jesus Christ, the ultimate Servant-Leader and our pattern for how to live lives that are productive and pleasing to God the Father. You can get free access to the Bible online at:

Multi-Dimensional Christian Living Course

Multi-Dimensional Christian Living Home Study Course

The Multi-Dimensional Christian Living Home Study & Bible Course is based on the book, The Matrix of Destiny: God's Seven Progressive Revelations. It was created to give everyone an opportunity to experience the benefits of becoming a servant-leader. The Multi-Dimensional Christian Living course provides self-paced access to the same materials used in the S.A.L.T. Certification, but is designed to enable everyone - not just those called into formal Christian Ministry.

GodWashers BootCamp

3 Day Bootcamp Experience and S.A.L.T. Follow-up Training

GodWashers Boot Camp - Extreme Makeover for the Soul

The GodWasher's Boot Camp is an intense, 3-Day course designed to take participants out of their daily routine and immerse them into a series of life transforming experiences and encounters with God and other Christ-centered spiritual seekers. The Godwashers Boot Camp is an "extreme-makeover" for the soul, working change from the inside out. It is also a requirement for select S.A.L.T. Foundation Program participants.

Matrix of Destiny Book

Pages: 212
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Format: Softcover
Publish Date: 2011
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publisher: Salt and Light Media
ISBN: 978-0-982-6454-1-3

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The Matrix of Destiny: God's Seven Progressive Revelations

"The Matrix of Destiny: God's Seven Progressive Revelations" is the "textbook" upon which the SALT Servant-Leader Certification and Multi-Dimensional Christian Home & Bible Study courses are based. The Matrix of Destiny offers a practical, step-by-step approach to identifying and overcoming the challenges and difficulties of life, to help readers clear the way for prosperity, good success, vibrant health, harmonious relationships, peace of mind and more. With over 140 scriptural references, life application exercises, descriptive charts & diagrams, links to online videos, multiple online scripture translations and more, author James Spencer unveils a series of historic biblical events and progressive revelations that collectively map the divinely revealed process of identifying darkness in our lives and then charting a course into the light of authentic empowerment through the multi-dimensional application of God's word in your day-to-day life.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a Free copy of Matrix of Destiny with any SALT Foundation Donation of $20.00 or more. Click here to make a Tax Exempt Donation.

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Destiny's Decision Novel

Pages: 300pp
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2009
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Salt and Light Media
ISBN: 978-0-615-3400-4-3

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Destiny's Decision, a Novel

"Destiny’s Decision: The Choice of One Seals the Fate of Many", is a fast-paced and compelling story based on the World view of The Matrix of Destiny . It describes one man’s struggles coming to grips with the deceptive and seductive allure of the World System. As in real-life, the main character is faced with a Destiny Altering Decision where he must weigh what he thinks he wants against the Divine Plan for his life. The catch is that his singular choice will not only affect his life, but will alter the Destiny of the entire human race. Will he choose the money, power and influence offered by the dark spiritual forces of the world to make his own dreams come true, or will he make the ultimate sacrifice for all humanity? Not only is Destiny’s Decision a great story, but in it you will be shown the current World System from “behind the scenes” and you will have a better under-standing of how the spiritual forces of Darkness and Light interact with modern humanity and in your life specifically. Don’t miss it!

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Destiny's Decision at Barnes & Noble Destiny's Decision at

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